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Create a More Engaging Classroom with the Paperless Quiz Application, ProQuiz

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Monday, September 12th, 2017 by Brent Smith, ELB Education Consultant

Paperless billing? Piece of cake. Recycling paper and cardboard? Not so difficult as well! However, it is very difficult to eliminate paper altogether, especially in the classroom.

The largest reason why teachers find difficulty eliminating paper usage is because we are unaware of the effective measures we can take to reduce paper in the classroom. The Prowise ProQuiz application, available in our Prowise Presenter software, is a great way for teachers to reduce paper usage and engage students in the classroom!

What is ProQuiz? That’s a great question! It’s an application that is available in our cloud-based Prowise Presenter software and it allows you to send a quiz to a student’s internet enabled device. No paper is required! In the words of the Prowise manufacturer, “Use ProQuiz to create a test at any desired level. It is so well-developed that these tests can be taken individually or as a group.”

How does ProQuiz work? Teachers can create quizzes easily by logging into Prowise presenter. (Click here to create your free account!) Once the Prowise presenter page is loaded, simply click on the ProQuiz icon located in the lower left-hand corner of the screen to begin! Then click on the “Maker” option to make a new quiz. Here you can customise your quiz by giving it a unique title and adding clear directions about the quiz for your students. Then all you have to do is start adding questions before sharing the quiz with your students!

Yes, making a quiz in ProQuiz can be more time consuming than composing a quiz in Microsoft word. However, creating the quiz is all you have to do. The computer will grade all your student’s work and it allows you to export the test results into an Excel spreadsheet.

Presenter software also saves the quiz you created in the cloud so you can access it anywhere you have internet connection. That way, even if you are skiing in the Alps while traveling traveling abroad, you can still find all your quizzes that you have created with the touch of a button!

Furthermore, ProQuiz utilizes the ProConnect feature in Presenter and this allows teachers to either display the quiz on the Prowise flat panel in front of the classroom or you can send it to your student devices where the students can take the quiz independently and the grading is completely automated!

Lastly, ProQuiz can be either fun for your students or it can be rigorous (since questions can be open-ended – the software uses a sample answer and key words put into the system by the teacher to score student responses). Therefore, difficulty level is easily adaptable. But one thing is for certain: it allows us to all breathe more easily. We are not only saving trees, but creating flexible learning environments that are more engaging, future-focused and innovative!

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