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Role of an ELB Education Consultant: Supporting Teachers, Enhancing the Use of Technology in Education

Monday, February 05, 2018
Monday, Feb. 5th, 2018 by Kate Finn, ELB Education

Ever wondered what role our dedicated and talented ELB Education Consultants play in supporting teachers and advancing the use of technology in the classroom? 

On a daily basis, you can find them traveling to area schools supporting new users of our technology, to trade shows to demonstrate our products to eager educators, to live demonstrations in classrooms and schools across the country, and to professional development events where they deliver valuable training and hands-on support!  All Education Consultants at ELB are trained teachers who work directly with schools to understand their needs, recommend solutions and support the adoption and effective use of technology in the classroom. 

Meet some of the team...

Kate, an Education Consultant based in Florida, had the opportunity to conduct professional development sessions and live demonstrations within the New England region. Our Prowise interactive flat panels have been a success at Harvard University, MIT and the Hingham Fire Department and Kate was on point to train and support these users. While performing training exercises on the field, the fire department was particularly impressed with having the ability to share a live location map with first responders. The first responder had the ability to report back to headquarters while providing them with live footage of what they could see in real-time. Harvard University and MIT were also impressed with the agile features of the Prowise interactive flat panel. These features include Prowise’s large mobile display, 10-points of touch and a built-in PC.

On the West Coast, our Education team joined other dedicated teachers at the 2017 California STEAM symposium. At this trade show, education professionals collaborated on innovative resources for the classroom and took part in various professional development seminars. Teachers were most impressed by the flexibility of our Prowise interactive flat panels. One of our Education Consultant's demonstrated how a Prowise panel could be tilted into a horizontal collaborative table. Teachers were excited by how well the panel brings flexibility to any learning space and facilitates new ways of teaching and learning!

Following each trade show, teachers can now request a Prowise panel demo and trial. The trial consists of giving teachers the opportunity to experience the panel in their very own classrooms. The panel is designed to help their students engage in the various active learning styles the STEAM Symposium has to offer.

Lastly, our Education Consultants kicked off the New Year with new product announcements and furniture solutions at the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) in Orlando, Florida. ELB announced the launch of the new Prowise ProLine+ and Entry Line UHD interactive flat panels and were on display for the first time in North America at FETC! These panels offer unmatched quality, functionality and flexibility. Features include 4K/UHD resolution, 20-points of touch, a built-in sound bar, new writing technology– ProWrite Ink, and an industry-leading seven year warranty!

ELB’s entire booth at FETC was designed to showcase flexible learning spaces. We combined NorvaNivel’s furniture and Prowise’s technology to create agile spaces that foster engagement in all types of learners and support future-focused pedagogy! Due to advancements in education, teaching is now moving away from a one-size fits all approach. Today’s learning environments need to facilitate engagement for a wide variety of learners and learning styles. Together, NorvaNivel and ELB provide the furniture and technology, respectively, to create these flexible learning environments that support the delivery of information and content to all students for all learning styles.

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