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Quality chromebook services for implementation success

Management Console Development and Training

Let our experts help you design and develop your schools' Chromebook Management Console, a web-based portal which enables you to configure and manage user access as well as introduce additional layers of security for your Chromebooks. As part of this service, your staff will receive comprehensive training and learn how to administer the portal for years to come. 

Asset Identification and Tagging Service

For better tracking and identification of your educational technology products, our technicians can record the serial number as well as apply a custom identification tag to each device. This information will be provided to your school or District in electronic format and is ideal for device tracking, maintenance, management, and reporting.     

Product Etching or Engraving

We understand that the investments you make in technology as a school or District are often significant and therefore safeguarding against damage or theft is important. To support increased identification and tracking of a schools' technology assets, ELB offers customised product etching and engraving services. Whether a full school logo is needed, or just a simple name, we have the services and support to help you. 

White Glove Configuration Services 

Let our experts help manage the onsite delivery, setup and configuration of your classroom technology products, including interactive flat panels, chromebooks, audio systems or display devices.  We will remove and dispose of all packaging, configure, test, and register, if applicable, each device. ELB white glove services will ensure your devices are completely ready to go prior to the arrival of teachers or students.   

Chromebooks and GAFE Training 

Our education professionals will guide your teachers through Chromebook and G-Suite for Education best practices as they learn to implement both into the classroom. As part of our PD offerings, these workshops are hands-on and will empower teachers to create and deliver lessons in new ways, supporting increased collaboration in the classroom.  For more information about our Chromebook and Google Apps for Education (GAFE) training options, please see our Training & Professional Development Services