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Classroom Audio Systems

Bring voice amplification and media recording to your classroom today! 

FrontRow Juno Classroom Audio System

Juno with Bluetooth® is the easiest way to get whole-class audio coverage without any installation, just plug it in and it is ready to go. Juno comes with the teacher smart mic for lesson delivery and student microphones can be easily added for increased student participation. Media audio is frequently part of instructional content and needs to be heard just as clearly as the teacher and student voice; Juno easily streams instructional content audio from Bluetooth-enabled tablets, notebooks, and displays. When you plug Juno into your network, it becomes Juno Connect and connects you to your colleagues and to your other teaching tech tools. 

FrontRow ToGo System

Completely portable, FrontRow ToGo, is perfect for P.E. class, the school bus line, the gymnasium, the playground or anywhere else you need quick and easy voice or media amplification.

Choose from the rechargeable hand-held mic, the wind resistant boom mic, or the inconspicuous lapel mic. With 16 possible channels per system, and a range of up to 110ft, ToGo is an invaluable tool for teachers and administrators at school events, PTA night, recess or before/after school.

FrontRow ToGo System provides:

  • Quality sound coverage indoors and out
  • Powerful rechargeable battery
  • OptiVoice speech-clarifying technology
Revolabs Audio Solutions

Revolabs specialises in conference audio for any environment, from desktops to corporate boardrooms and auditoriums, large university lecture halls, broadcast and production studios, and more. Offering a full range of products that address the need to hear every word, Revolabs creates audio solutions that enable crystal clear communication for productive collaboration.

Whether you’re looking to take your audio conferencing to the next level, seeking the ultimate in flexibility for PC audio applications, or need a powerful solution for voice amplification, Revolabs has a solution to bring high quality audio to any application.